"There is in the western part of New York State, on the brink of a forested canyon and overlooking a stately waterfall, an idyllic home. It is such a home as a Thoreau or a Bryant or an Emerson might have loved...
   This is the home, however, not of a dreaming poet, but of a man with a poet's soul united to a practical and executive mind which has been devoted for more than the length of an average generation to the welfare of his fellow-men. He is a man of singular modesty, of gentle voice, of winning old-school courtesy, of sensitive sympathies. and a great all-enveloping heart. Although the whitened locks about his kindly face tell something of the four score and three years which he had seen, yet his unimpaired faculties are still developed daily to the service of human brotherhood, and the unabated warmth of his human sympathy makes sunny the autumn of his beautiful life."

Edward Hagaman Hall, Secretary
American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society,
on Mr. William Pryor Letchworth and the Glen Iris, 1906

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Gates near the Middle Falls circa 1875

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