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1860 Federal Census of the Glen Iris Area

1860 Census Image for the Glen Iris

In July of 1860 S.G. True drove his carriage along the winding road near the Portage Gorge. He was on a mission - to "enumerate" the Town of Genesee Falls as part of the 1860 Federal Census. Among the places he stopped belonged to a newcomer - a middle aged businessman from Buffalo who had bought the old Smith tavern.

You will find below part of the information Mr True collected. It consists of data from the actual census, and includes the five households visited on each side of the newly established Glen Iris.

Please note that a (?) indicates problems reading the census. The numbers in parenthesis refer to the notes found at the end of census material. We have left off some unused columns, and shortened some of the column headings.


Town of Genesee Falls, Wyoming Co NY,
pages 6 and 7
Census taken 24 July 1860

Dwelling Number




 Profession Occupation or trade

 Value of real estate owned

 Value of Personal Estate Owned

 Place of Birth

 In school within year

 Persons over 20 unable to read and write
 566 50 Perry Jones 68 M Farmer 5280 2227 NY    
    Sally A 59 F Housekeeping     NY    
    D. Jones 22 M Farmer     NY    
 567 57 Asabel Fancher 76 M Mill Wright 200 200 NY    
    Urania (?) 75 F Housekeeping     NY    
    Polly C (?) 36 F House work   100 NY    
 568 52 Merrit Davis  38 M Master Carpenter  1300 370 NY    
    Marietta 36 F Housekeeping     NY    
    Olive E 7 (?) F       NY  X  
    George W 1 M       NY    
 569 53 Susan H. Davis  67 F Housekeeping     NY    X
    Edwin B 27(?) M Farm Laborer     NY    
 570   Mary Jones 40 F Housekeeping     NY    
 571 54 Milan (?) Jones  36 M Farm Laborers     NY    
    Georgy (?) W (1) 40 F (?) Housekeeping     NY    
    Adelia B 14 F       NY X  
    Jacob M 8 M       NY X  
572 55 William P Letchworth 36 M Farmer 7,625 7,789 NY    
     Edward Hazell 10 M       Eng X  
  56 J Watson Jones (2) 34 M Farmer     NY    
    Marian G (?) 22 F Housekeeper     Eng    
    Sarah L 11 F       NY X  
    Lucas (?) 9 M       NY X  
    Catherine O'Connell 18 F House work     NY    
573 57 John Smith 40 M Sawyer   100 Ger    
    Elizabeth 28 F Housekeeper     Ire    
    Mary G 1 F       NY    
574 Unoccupied                
575 58 Josiah G Wheaton 50 M Carpenter & Joiner 600 500 NY    
  Alma 51 F Housekeeping     NY    
    Delia 17 F Housekeeping     NY    
576   Unoccupied                
577 59 Isaac G(?) Brewster 38 M Farm Laborer     NY    
  Adelia 37 F House work     NY    
    Perry 11 M       NY X  
    Sarah A 7 F       NY X  
578 60 William T Davis 47 M Bridge Watch 400 500 NY    
    Mary E 30 F Housekeeper     NY    
    Mariah A (3) 23 F Tailoress     NY    
  Norman S 21 M Day Laborer     NY    
    Nathan W 17 M Blacksmith Trade     NY    
    Martha J 11 F       NY X  
    Walden E 7/12 M            


(1) This one was hard to read - the given name may have been George. Mr. True also tried to correct an error in the column indicating sex - it was hard to tell whether it was an "F" or not. Because of the "housekeeping", we went with the Georgy! (Remember - this was 1860!)

(2) It was indicated that J Watson and Marion had been "married within the year". It appears that this was J Watson's second marriage. Was Catherine a sister to Marion?

(3) This is "Aunt" Mariah Davis who later ran the first Refreshment stand just outside the Estate boundaries. (See Related image)



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