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Pioneer Cemetery

photo by Tom Cook


 Along Trout Pond road there is a small, well kept cemetery with a few scattered stones. The historical marker tells the visitor that it is the "Pioneer Cemetery", the resting spot of many of the early settlers of the Falls area.

Some accounts have the first burials on the lawn south of the Glen Iris; Mrs Anderson stated that "it is thought by some of the older residents of the area that Mr. Letchworth had the bodies removed..." She went on to suggest that this reburial would explain why there were so many unmarked graves in the Pioneer Cemetery.

The following is a list of the graves that are marked in the old Cemetery. The list is from Mrs. Anderson's Genesee Echoes. She told me in the late 1970's that when she was doing research for the book she had to crawl on her hands and knees through the brush and berry bushes to record the information on the stones, many of which were knocked over and broken. Due to her efforts, the Park cleaned up the Cemetery and placed a historical marker on the site.

During the recent Centennial Celebration the Park placed a new interpretive sign at the cemetery which provides additional insight into the pioneers who rest there.


Here are the names as found in the 1950's:


James M. Botsford, son Rial M. & Ruth H.,died New York city, April 10, 1869, 21y 1m 3d

Eli Bush, born Conn., Dec. 17, 1770; died Portage, Allegany Co., N.Y., Nov 15, 1832

Hannah, wife Bliss Corser, d. Feb. 4, 1853, 58y. (The family name may have been Gorser.)

Anthony Davis, d. Jan. 30, 1891, 77y
Lydia Fancher, wife Anthony, d. Jan. 5, 1887, 71y
George, son Anthony & Lydia H., d. Sept 6, 1871 (?), 16y 11m 12d
William T. Davis, d. June 16, 1883, 79y
Harriet, dau. W.T. & M.F. Davis, d. Dec.2, 1817.
Nancy, dau. W.T. & M.F. Davis, d. Aug. 20, 18-- (?)
Maria A. Davis, dau. W.T. Davis, Nov 25, 1836-March 15, 1915.

Urania Fancher, d. May 21, 1874, 89y 5m
Asel Fancher, d. Jan. 31, 1863, 77y 8 m.

Olive U., dau. Abner & Betsey Hall, d. Jan. 16, 1878, 7y
George, infant son Abner & Betsey, d Han. 8, 1867

Amaziah Jenkins, Nov 5, 1807- Nov. 8, 1876

Perry Jones, d. June 11, 1860, 68y
Sally, wife Perry Jones, d. Aug 24, 1874, 78y
Reuben Jones, d. Sept 22, 1862
Sarah Tylor, wife Reuben Jones, d. Dec. 1886

Ursula, dau . Capt Benjamin & Lucy Knowlton, d. Nov. 29, 1827, 23 y

Ruth H. Waite, mother James N. Botsford, 1823-1900

For more information on the pioneers of Letchworth Park go to the Glimpse of the Pioneer Era or the Short History of Letchworth Park.


Anderson, Genesee Echoes pp23-24


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