Pieces of the Past
Artifacts, Documents, and Primary Sources
from Letchworth Park History

The Glen Iris Lithophanes


Central Portion of a Lithophane
Main Hallway, Glen Iris
photograph by Tom Cook 2000

One of the hidden delights of the Glen Iris are the objects d'art which reflect Mr. Letchworth's love of art and literature. Among these treasures are the twelve remaining glass lithophanes found at the Inn.

The following description comes from a recent guide to the Glen Iris by Ted Bartlett.

"Located in the sidelights of the main doorway and in the Parlor's front windows are unique glass European vignettes surrounded by colored glass panels. These lithophanes are translucent embossed romantic European scenes that were producted in Bavaria and are part of the collection of memorabilia that Mr. Letchworth purchased on his 1857 trip to Europe..."

Be sure to look for these wonderful works of art on your next visit to Mr. Letchworth's home!


Bartlett, The Glen Iris Inn p4



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