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Photo 105



"642 Aqueduct of Genesee Valley Canal, looking under."

Published by L.E. Walker, Warsaw New York

Photographed by C.W. Buell, Warsaw New York

circa 1870

This view was taken from the west bank of the Genesee River near the present day southern boundary of the Park, looking toward the east. Several stone abutements carrying the Canal across the River can be seen, as well as the water leaking from the canal itself.

By looking under the aqueduct, you can see a mill and mill dam that was part of the community of Portageville.

The abutements later supported a railroad which replaced the Canal after 1878.

For more information, see our Glimpse of the Genesee Valley Canal and other images of the Canal and Aqueduct.

Image provided to letchworthparkhistory.com by Jane Schryver - thanks for sharing, Jane!


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