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Photo 110




"View on the Genesee River near Portage NY."

Unknown Photographer and Publisher

circa 1865

Mr. Letchworth had only been at the Glen Iris a few years when this image was made from modern day Inspiration Point.

The Genesee Valley Canal is clearly visible on the ledge to the left of the photograph. In the center is the gorge, the Middle Fall, and the lattice bridge that stood until 1865. In the background is the Wooden Portage Bridge.

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The protective stone walls on the gorge side of the canal are clearly visible in this photograph. They would protect the mule and driver on the towpath from a long fall!

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If you look closely you can see the early bridge over Degayasoh Creek and the stairs that led down the cascade to the floor of the gorge.

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The Lattice Bridge and mill dam is visible as is a saw mill near the west end of the bridge. Upstream is the Upper Fall and a faint glimpse of the Portage Bridge.

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