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Photo 117


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No. 6993 Middle Falls, Genesee River.

E & H.T. Anthony & Co, New York

circa 1872

This image was taken from the lawn near the Glen Iris looking southeast. The Genesee River flows over an old mill dam and then tumbles over the Middle Falls. To the right of the River is visible the remnants of the old mills that once stood at the spot. In the foreground is one of the walls Mr. Letchworth had built throughout his estate - in the background is the cleared east bank of the River including the line of the Genesee Valley Canal. ( See our enlarged image for futher discussion)


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Although the waters of the Genesee Valley Canal are not visible, the route of the Canal can be easily traced running across the photograph, a little more than half way up the east bank of the River. A few small buildings can be seen near the towpath, and it appears that a boat is traveling on the Canal. Also note that a road leads down from the towpath to the Middle Falls - it can be traced between the River and Canal on the right side of the image. The road was once a public highway which led to the lattice bridge that once spanned the river above the Falls. (See Image 38)

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