Our Letchworth History Photo Album

Photo 173


"Landscape view from Council House Grounds"

"Portage Scenery."

circa 1880

George L Washburn, Castile NY.

This view is similar to image 119, but with some important differences.

First, the perspective is different, for the gazing ball or globe has a more prominent role in the photograph. In fact, it provides us with an interesting glimpse of the photographer and his camera!

Secondly, this view was taken later -perhaps several years later! How do we know? Well, there is an important clue in the image - can you find it! (we have put the answer at the bottom of the page!)


 The stereoview is from the collection of Karen Gibson Strang. We thank Karen for sharing it with us!




(look closely at the Portage Bridge - its the iron trestle, not the original wooden bridge! This means the photograph must have been taken after August of 1875.)


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