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Photo 201

The Conway Family at Lauterbrunnen



Unknown Photographer

Conway Family Collection

The image below was sent to us by Jack Kirchgraber, a descendant of the Conway family that lived on the Glen Iris Estate and worked for Mr. Letchworth. According to Mr Kirchgraber, "My great-great grandfather, James Conway owned 105 acres above the museum at Letchworth, accessed by the road that leads from the parking lot at the Council Grounds. His son, Jeremiah, worked for Mr. Letchworth and lived in the Swiss Cottage which I believe was at the Council Grounds. I located (this) photo of his wife, Isabelle Gamble or Bell Gamble (Conway) and daughter Marion Conway on the porch of the cottage in the spring of 1890, shortly after Marion was born."

Working with Mr. Kirchgraber, we have determine that this is Lauterbrunnen, not the Council House Swiss Cottage. This is confirmed through some interesting closeups of the foundation he also sent and which are included below.

For more information on the Conway family, we recommend you visit his interesting family website.

Special thanks to Jack Kirchgraber and his family for sharing these photographs and family history!


The "then and now" photographs below provide insight into changes in the structure since Mr. Letchworth's time. You will note that the basic lines are unchanged, but noticeable alterations have taken place. Some of this is due to a fire which took place at Lauterbrunnen in the 1940s that damaged the upper part and roof of the building.

Modern Photographs by Jack Kirchgraber




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