Our Letchworth History Photo Album

Photo 208

Young Women near Pond at Glen Iris
unknown photographer/publisher
Dated April 19, 1913

This wonderful stereo image was taken in the early spring of 1913, only a few years after Mr. Letchworth's passing. The young lady poses next to the fish pond with the fountain visible to the right. Both the pond and fountain date back to the 1860s. (See the Ornamental Farm)

The photograph captures the Glen Iris at the beginning of its transition from Mr. Letchworth's home into the Glen Iris Inn. The original dining room had been enlarged in 1912, but in its annual report published in March of 1914, Letchworth Park Committee of the American Scenic and Historical Preservation Society stated "We believe it will be necessary to erect a special building for public accomodation, but at present, the best we can do is to make such limited provision as is practicable at the Glen Iris Mansion. It is not intended by this to keep a hotel or road-house for the general public, but only to accommodate exceptional cases....we have made satisfactory arrangements to have the Mansion managed by a housekeeper who would furnish meals at a nominal price...."

By the end of 1913 however, plans were well underway to develop the Glen Iris into an inn. "In the fall of 1913 we had plans made by Mr. E.A. Phillips, the architect, for further laterations which will provide twelve additional sleeping rooms and four bathrooms...." Alterations, additions, and renovations would continue at the Glen Iris throughout the 20th century.

We thank our friend Karen Gibson Strang for sharing this image with us!






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