Our Letchworth History Photo Album

Photo 24

Black and White Image

Unknown Photographer


This image is taken from a postcard published in Nunda NY around 1905. It is actually a much earlier view taken from Inspiration Point. The Genesee River can be seen in the gorge in the center of the photograph. It is flowing toward the camera and has passed under the Portage High Bridge seen in the distance, and then over the Upper and Middle Falls. A small dam can be seen in the River just above the brink of the falls. This was used to raise the river level for the mill which is not visible.

On the Eastern bank of the gorge (to the left) is the
Genesee Valley Canal. If you follow the Canal away from the camera, you can see the wooden aqueduct which carried the Canal across the notorious slide area.

The falls seen tumbling down from the canal was called "Bridal Veil Falls". It was manmade - not natural. It was designed to drain excess water off the canal.

For a different view from Inspiration Point, see Image 91.


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