Our Letchworth History Photo Album

Photo 32



Unknown Photographer

circa 1890

This may be one of the few views of Mr. Letchworth and his family at the Glen Iris. It is believed that the man to the left is William Pryor Letchworth, with his sister Mary Ann Crozer in the center. Behind her is Miss McCloud, Mary Ann's nurse.

For many years it was believed that the couple to the right was Henry R. Howland and his wife Rebecca. Rebecca Howland was a cousin to the Letchworths and very close to Mary Ann. Henry became a close friend and business associate of Mr. Letchworth.

Current research by the Park historical staff indicates that the couple on the right is really William Darling and his wife Adella. Adella was one of Mr. Letchworth's nieces.

See The Story of the Glen Iris and the Diary of Mary Anne Crozer for more information.


You can also see later visitors to the Glen Iris sitting on the same porch in the 1930's in our Pieces of the Past.




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