Our Letchworth History Photo Album

Photo 49


Portage R.R. Bridge - 800ft Long, 240 ft High"

"Artistic Gems of American Scenery"


L.E. Walker, Publisher, Warsaw, NY




This view is taken from the southeast, and shows the Iron Bridge about a year after it was built. Although this image comes from a cabinet stereoview (which are often from the 1880's or 90's) we know that the image was taken before 1878 when the Canal was abandoned. One can see the towpath clearly in this view, the wagon marks due to the fact it was also used as a highway between the aqueduct at Portageville and the Middle Falls. A passenger train is stopped on the Bridge.

(For more information, see the Glimpses of the Portage High Bridge or the Genesee Valley Canal.

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