Our Letchworth History Photo Album

Photo 54



"599.-Residence of Mary Jemison, below Portage, N.Y."

"Views on the Line of the Erie Railroad."

L.E. Walker, Publisher, Warsaw. NY.


This view was taken from western bank of the Valley at Gardeau, looking North. The following description was contributed by Mr. Ted Bartlett, Historic Preservation Consultant in Cazenovia, NY, who has done extensive research on the Park. We thank him for the information!

"(the) photograph of Gardeau in the 1870s is the photograph from which Mr. Letchworth had the sketch of Gardeau made for the 1870s or 1880s publication of The Life of Mary Jemison. The white building in the foreground is the Nancy Jemison cabin, later moved to the Council House Grounds by Mr. Letchworth, the building in the distance is the Gould House on the site of the Mary Jemison cabin with rear addition and separate barn. The house and addition are the same as in my photograph of the Gould house at the time the land was taken by the power company. Not visible in the far distance is the log cabin at the site of the Betsey Jemison cabin, which in fact was also removed early in the 19th century and replaced with the log cabin by the Chaffee family that was mistakingly identified by American Scenic as the Betsey Jemison cabin in their publications."

For more information, please see our Glimpse of Mary Jemison.


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