Our Letchworth History Photo Album

Photo 99



"806-Portage Bridge, Portage, N.Y., from east Bank."

"American Scenery"

Photographed by C.L. Pond

Buffalo, NY

circa 1870

This view was taken from the northeast side of the Wooden Portage bridge, looking west. The board fence is an interesting addition and makes for a wonderful three dimensional experience in a stereoptican viewer. We have also included an enlarged image below.

If you look closely at the western bank, just to the right of the shadow cast by the bridge, you can see wooden steps coming down the embankment from the level of the bridge. This would allow tourists access to the grounds below. The top of these stairs are visible in our Image 100.

Also note the fact there is no road nor path under the west end of the bridge. Today's road would be added in the early 20th century, long after the wooden bridge had been replaced by the Iron Bridge which still stands today.

Also see our Glimpse of the Portage Bridge


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