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As this article shows, the "Portage Falls" area, which included the recently formed Glen Iris Estate, was very popular with tourists. An important part of the "pic nic" was a stop at the Cascade House.

"There has been a pic nic excursion at Portage Falls, and some days two or three of them, during every pleasant day of the season so far. It is a capital place to spend several days amid the delightful scenery with which that section abounds, and more attractive since our friend Wood has taken charge of the Cascade House at the Bridge. He knows how to entertain his guests, keeps a first class house, and we are glad to learn he is meeting with good financial success".

Also see our photographs of the Cascade House and early Picnics in Portage.




Nunda News, Nunda NY, Saturday, August 18, 1866 page 3



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