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Moses VanCampen's Commissions

 During the Revolutionary War Moses VanCampen was a member of a company of rangers from Northumberland County Pennsylvania which defended the western frontier from the British and their Native American allies. As documented in John S Minard's Sketches of Border Adventures of the Life and Times of Major Moses VanCampen, the frontiersman received several commissions during the War. Two of his commission papers, that of Ensign in April of 1780 (top image), and his promotion to Lieutenant in February of 1781(bottom image) surfaced in an auction in the early summer of 2007. Cowen's Auctions, Inc, of Cincinnati Ohio were kind enough to provide us with the images of these interesting documents shown below.

For more information, see our Glimpse of Moses VanCampen

Photos courtesy of Cowen's Auctions, Inc., Cincinnati Ohio


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