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A List of CCC Camps in
Letchworth State Park


This is the list of the Civilian Conservation Corps camps that existed in Letchworth State Park during the Great Depression. The information is taken from the records of the Genesee State Park Commission. See our Glimpse page on the CCC, our Pieces of the Past and Historic Photo Album for more information on the CCC program in Letchworth Park.


Camp 23 SP 5 Big Bend

Started June 1933 - first camp - closed in October 1935. Later became a Work Projects Administration Camp - building taken down in the fall of 1942. (Photograph taken inside the main gate. For a complete camp photograph, see image Lpa133.)


Camp 40 SP 17 Gibsonville

Started Sept 14, 1933 - closed in Oct 1937. Buildings were later used in WWII for workers at the local canning factory then torn down. (Photo taken from hillside west of the camp where the park road now runs.)

Camp 76 SP 37 St. Helena

In operation May 1934, company left in April 1936. Buildings were used by Wyoming County during the summer , but were torn down in early 1937. (Photograph taken from the south of the camp, the bank leading down to the Genesee River and the old village of St. Helena would be to the right of the camp.)

Camp 49 Lower Falls

Started May 1935, closed October 1941, later used as a German Prisoner of War Camp. Torn down in 1946. (Photograph taken from the new road way (present park road) west of the camp. River is in the background.)

Also - Camp 53 at Hamlin Beach State Park was also within the Genesee State Park Region. It opened in May of 1935 and was officially closed in August on 1941.


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