Our Letchworth History Photo Album

Photo 219

"810.- Rapids of Genesee above Lower Fall, Portage, N.Y. "
Views on the Line of Erie Railroad
L.E. Walker, Warsaw N.Y.

This image was taken from west bank of the Genesee above Table Rock and the Flume. (See Image 218). The rapids seen in the photograph are in a sense the modern day Lower Falls in their infancy. Since Mr. Letchworth's time erosion has caused the falls to "move" up river from the end of the Flume to their location today.

There has been a great amount of change in this area. Some of it has been natural as the falls have receded southward, shaping the gorge as it goes. (See the earliest sketch of the Falls found here.) Other photos in our Historical Photo Album show this change.

An enlarged view of Walker's stereoview is found below. How many men can you find in this photo?




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