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Smokey Hollow Memories

Mists often fill the Letchworth Gorge, especially in the area that was aptly named "Smokey Hollow" by local folk long ago. Now the destination of hikers who enjoy the natural beauty, a century ago Smokey Hollow was the home of several farm families.(See Image 124)

The Cowies were one such family. Thomas Cowie brought his young wife Anna to the Hollow in 1918. This was their first home and son Leslie was born there two years later. The family left Smokey Hollow the next year, and in 1930 were living on Burke Hill Road in nearby Perry. By that time two more children had been added to the family - Robert and Ann.

Although the family only stayed three years along the river, the Cowies preserved their memories of Smokey Hollow through a page in their family album. This page was shared with us by daughter Ann, and is shown below in its entirety.

Thank you to Ann (Cowie) Page of Perry for allowing us to present this memory of Smokey Hollow!



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