Letchworth State Park turned a century old in January of 2007! To celebrate the Park's one hundred year birthday, we added these special Centennial Pages. Click here to see the list of Centennial Events and check below for ways in which people could take part in the Celebration! Although the official Centennial has passed, the celebration of our wonderful Park continues!
 First, there are some "Centennial Mysteries" which the Letchworth Historical Site Staff has asked us to post. These are history related questions and problems which will help the Park prepare for the Celebration. We have also added some of our own questions and "wants"!
 We also invitedvisitors to post their own "Centennial Memory". You can still share your memories - we now the page "Memories of Letchworth Park".
 See how the Park celebrated its birthday by renovating the Museum and restoring the Council Grounds!
Finally, we encourage you to visit the "Friends of Letchworth Park" site and see what activities are taking place. Joining the "Friends" would be a great way to say happy birthday to the Park!



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