Letchworth Park History

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On the Lawn
at Glen Iris

Two views of
picnics at Portage
1870's - 1880's

Visitors on
"Glen Iris" Rock

Two views of
Parking Areas

Iron Bridge and
Genesee Valley Canal

Lattice Bridge and Middle Falls

On the Pond
at Glen Iris
circa 1870

Two views of Dehgayasoh Bridge and Davis House
early 1900's

On Glen Iris Lawn
with Bridge
circa 1870

First Bridge at
Deh ga ya soh Creek
circa 1865

Mr. Letchworth's Dehgayasoh Bridge
circa 1915

Stone Arch Bridge at Dehgayasoh Creek
circa 1930

Glen Iris gardens
circa 1906

Winter Scenes
Early 1870's

East End of Bridge
and Depot

Early log cabin of the Everett family
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