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We have added two new pages on the Portage Iron Bridge. One is a photograph taken by Clark Rice of the Bridge from the Pennsy Tracks and the other is an eyewitness account of the work done on the trestle in 1903. (3/27/2021)

Would you like to see a photo of the modern Lower Falls when it was a baby? Take a look! (2/22/2021)

What did it cost to stay overnight at Letchworth Park sixty years ago? Here is the handout given to visitors in March 1960 that provided costs and other interesting information. (4/19/2020)

We just upgraded our image of people on the banks of the Flume near Lower Falls! (4/12/2020)

Breaking news! The first group of CCC Boys have arrived at the Park! (4/1/2020)

The Flume near the Lower Falls has certainly changed over the years. Our latest addition to our Historical Photo Album, shows the Flume and Falls around 1875. (1/15/2019)

Stereo postcards are an interesting combination of stereoviews and real photo postcards. Our latest "Pieces of the Past" presents some examples of these views from a series published by photographer William Burnell before 1915. (12/16/2018)

We have added a interesting photograph of a family visiting the Council House in what may be the 1930's or 40's as well an update on the latest Memorial Tree to be lost in the Park, the Anderson Oak on the Glen Iris Grounds. (8/28/2018)

What was the area around the three Portage Falls like before Mr. Letchworth arrived? Take a tour as we examine a 1853 map of the town of Genesee Falls! (5/2/2018)

Do you know that there was once a bridge across the Genesee River called "Roger's Bridge"? Here is the story of the bridge! (4/29/2018)

Change has always been part of Letchworth Park's story. At this time the 1875 trestle above Upper Falls is being replaced by a beautiful new arch bridge. So in tribute to our "old friend", we have added a new page called "A Tribute to the Portage Iron Bridge." (1/17/2018)

We have added a few more images to our new page "Visits to Letchworth State Park" including an interior photo of the Glen Iris and a lovely real photo postcard taken near the fountain and pond in 1912. Take a look! (12/27/2017)

Over the years we have collected groups of photographs taken in Letchworth State Park in the 20th Century. Some were found at flea markets and antique shops, some were shared by the families who took them. We have started a new page called Visits to Letchworth State Park and have added our first group. Take a look! (9/13/2017)

This Letchworth Park Memory consists of photographs of the Park's famous fountain over 80 years ago! (9/2/2017)

In 1852 one author considered the Portage Bridge and the nearby falls to be one of America's greatest wonders, destined to be " a mecca of travel." Read his description in our latest"Pieces of the Past"(3/22/2017)

Perhaps you have seen the signs along the main park road that mark blocks of trees planted a century ago. These are reminders of an important part of the early history of Letchworth State Park when a world renown forest arboretum was planted here! Find out more in our Glimpse of the Arboretum, our new page of arboretum maps, and our latest entry in our photo album. (12/27/16)

We have added some new Letchworth Park Memories - check them out. Have you sent your favorite memory and related photograph to us? (10/30/16)

Did you know that the parking fee at Letchworth Park was once 25 cents? Here are some photographs of a Park Gate and Attendant around 1940! We also share some information about how the parking fee got started. (10/30/16)

A long time Letchworth Park enthusiast has shared some family memories and photographs with us. Check them out! (8/28/16)

Throughout the year the Park hosts a variety of special activities and events. One of the earliest was the Mary Jemison Pageant of 1929. Click here to learn more and see a program from the pageant! (6/30/16)

Don't miss the great Learn about Letchworth Programs this summer! Here is the listing of the 2016 programs. (6/30/16)

Have you ever had a picnic at the Tea Table area in the Park? Our newest image in our historical photo album shows the remarkable rock formation that gave the beautiful spot its name! (4/30/16)

Part of Letchworth Park's success has been the work of the agencies that have managed the Park over the years. We recently uncovered some interesting documents relating to the changes in the management that took place in 1930. Be sure to check out our latest Pieces of the Past. We also added to our Glimpse "Evolution of the Park Administration!" (4/26/16)

How did St. Helena, one of the "ghost towns" in the Park get its name? The answer is a mystery but thanks to Calvin DeGoyler we have a possible answer! ( 3/20/16)

If we were going to make a list of vanished communities in the present day Park, you would include St. Helena and Gibsonville. But there was another one - Big Bend! This article from a local newspaper gives the history of the settlement at Big Bend. ( 2/12/16)

How has the Glen Iris changed over the year? This stereoview from the 1870s will show you when we compare it to a modern photograph! ( 2/12/16)

Many visitors have passed under the Portage Bridge while driving along the Portageville Entrance and stopped in the parking lot next to the bridge. That area has undergone plenty of change over the past century - our latest image shows what it looked like around 1910! (1/27/15)

The life of the 140 year old Portage High Bridge in the Park is nearing its end. Our latest addition to our Historic Photo Album shows the bridge in its early days! (12/16/15)

You probably know that the Letchworth Park had its beginning in William P Letchworth's Glen Iris Estate. But how did Mr. Letchworth acquire his estate? That is the question we try to answer in our two part Building the Glen Iris Estate, our latest "Pieces of the Past". As part of this project we also posted pages on the Cottringer Tract and Minard's 1890 Map of the Glen Iris Estate. (10/28/15)

Although trains no longer stop at the Portage Bridge over the Upper Falls, there was once a busy station at the east end of the viadut. Our latest image in our Historic Photo Album shows that area as it was it was about a century and a half ago. (8/16/15)

You may know that this spring Letchworth Park was voted the #1 State Park in the Nation. But did you know that the Park's popularity was predicted 90 years ago? Take a look! (7/23/15)

There were four Civilian Conservation Camps in Letchworth Park during the Great Depression. Our newest "Pieces of the Past" presents some memories of CCC Camp 49 at the Lower Falls through nine photographs taken by an unknown enrollee around 1939. (5/12/15)

To celebrate the opening of the Glen Iris Inn for another season, we have added two items related to this historical part of Letchworth Park. First we have updated our Glimpse of the Glen Iris and also added an image taken from the southlawn about 140 years ago! (4/29/15)

The American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society operated the Park from 1907 to 1930. Their annual reports, such as this one from 1907, provide an interest look at the early years of the new State Park. (3/22/15)

Change has always been an important part of the Park's story. Take the Middle Falls for example where even the overlook has changed! The latest addition to our Historic Photo Album shows the old Middle Falls Overlook from a different perspective, and shows an interesting feature of the Falls itself! (3/7/15)

Do you and your family enjoy camping in the Park? We just uncovered some addition information on how the tradition got started started at Letchworth which we have added to our Camping Glimpse! (3/7/15)

Take a step back into the past with this 1908 map of the Park. (2/17/15)

How has the Park Administration changed over the year? We have just updated our "Glimpse" the looks at the changes! Take a look! (2/17/15)

The reports of the American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society are treasure chests of information on the early 20th century history of the Park. Here is an account from the 1918 report on the Dragoon Monument that stands in the Park. (2/4/15)

Many of the paths and trails modern day visitors follow on a visit to the southern portion of Letchworth Park were designed for Mr. Letchworth by landscape architect William Webster a few years after the establishment of the Glen Iris. Although we had a copy on the site before, we have recently found and posted a better version of the earliest map of Mr. Letchworth's new estate. (1/20/15)

Have you ever had your picture taken by the pond and fountain at the Glen Iris? Here is a stereoview of a young woman taken in April of 1913 at that popular spot, just as the Glen Iris was starting to be transformed from Mr. Letchworth's home to an inn. (12/22/14)

Here is a good reason not to trespass on the Portage High Bridge - you might meet a train! This photographer did in this real photo postcard! (8/02/14)

You probably have stood at the overlook near the Upper Falls and gazed at the beauty of both the waterfalls and the Portage railroad bridge. Here is what that view would have look liked about 150 years ago! (3/09/14)

It is a warm summer day (sigh) and you have just arrived at the gate near Mr. Letchworth's Glen Iris. Our latest image in our Historic Photo Album shows you what it would have looked like almost 150 years ago! (1/05/14)

Have you visited the Park's Memorial Trees? Sadly there are two from Mr. Letchworth's time that have died and removed. Check out which ones in our updated Memorial Trees Page! (12/01/13)

Ever hear of the Lingenfelter family? They once played an important role at Letchworth Park. Here is a photograph of the family at Lauterbrunnen in 1917! (11/27/13)

You have probably looked for a rainbow from the overlook at the top of the Middle Falls. But did you ever wonder what the spot was like in Mr. Letchworth's time? Here are some early views of the Middle Falls overlook! (10/17/13)

Did you ever hear of the "Ghost of Fiddler's Elbow"? It was part of the memories shared by Dorr L Tinkham in an article he wrote about Smokey Hollow in 1959. (7/14/13)

Usually people don't get excited over the back of a building. But our newest addition to our Historic Photo Album is worth a look - it is the view you would have seen from the new Park Museum if you were visiting Letchworth Park in 1913! (6/16/13)

Mr. Letchworth's Lauterbrunnen is a beautiful and historic structure in the modern Park. Our latest image is a look at the "Swiss Cottage" in 1890. It was sent to us by a descendant of the Conway's, a family who worked for Mr. Letchworth and is pictured in the photograph. (3/16/13)

If you have strolled upon the modern lawns of the Glen Iris Inn, you might have wondered what they were like in Mr. Letchworth's day. Here are three views from that time! (1/26/13)

The train doesn't stop at the east end of the Letchworth's Portage Bridge, but it once did. Here are two images of the Portage Bridge Station that once stood near the Bridge.(12/16/12)

Ever hear of Horatio Jones? He was famous settler in the Genesee Valley with a special link to Letchworth Park! (11/17/12)

Did you know that Trailside Lodge in the Park is almost 40 years old? Find out the story behind the Lodge was built and how it got its name! (10/15/12)

Have you been to see the Mt. Morris Dam? Here is what it would have looked like if you visited the Park during its construction! (7/15/12)

What would you have seen if you visited the three Portage Falls in when Andrew Jackson was President? Here is a description written in 1835! (6/19/12)

Planning a picnic near the Middle Falls this year? Here is what you would have seen over a century ago! (5/12/12)

Step back in time to the earliest days of the Council Grounds with two new additions to our Historic Photo Album. (3/23/12)

Looking forward to the Glen Iris opening for the new season? Here is a look at what the popular dining room was like in World War I. (3/4/12)

Although we usually say that William Pryor Letchworth was the creator of the Glen Iris Estate, there was someone else who also earned the title. Find out who in our new Glimpse. (1/22/12)

The Civilian Conservation Corps are an important part of Letchworth Park's story. Here is a list of the camps in the Park! (12/21/11)

Lets go back in time to 1933 and see what Letchworth Park had to offer visitors! (12/21/11)

Once upon a time you could stand on the Portage Bridge and watch a train go UNDER you! See how in our latest addition to the site!(10/27/11)

A favorite feature of the Park will soon be celebrating its 150 birthday. Got to our latest image in our historic photo album to see what it is! (10/1/11)

During the days of the Glen Iris Estate a beautiful Swiss chalet or "cottage" stood on the west end of the Council Grounds. We recently added a second image of the structure and fascinating facts to our Historical album! (8/21/11)





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